Useful Renewable Energy Resources

There are some fantastic resources available on the web, we have put together a selection of the best resources and informative web sites for you.

Common Concerns about Wind Power

An excellent guide written by the Centre for Sustainable Energy. Based on peer reviewed research and government funded analysis it addresses the concerns that are sometime raised with regard to wind turbines. The report is easy to read and based on facts from reliable sources, a must read for anyone considering a wind turbine. The report is in PDF format, click here to read Common Concerns about Wind Power.

Top 7 Wind Farm Myths Dispelled

A fact sheet by Renewable UK dispelling the top 7 myths about wind farms. There's a great deal of misinformation peddled in the media about wind energy, this fact sheet provides the answers to the most common myths. The report is in PDF format, click here to read Top 7 Wind Farm Myths Dispelled.

Wind Energy Generation Costs

Another fact sheet from Renewable UK, find out the generation costs of wind energy and how it compares with coal, gas and nuclear power. The report is dated 2010, so does not account for the recent steep increases to the cost of gas. The report is in PDF format, click here to read Wind Energy Generation Costs fact sheet.

Renewable UK

RenewableUK is the UK's leading not for profit renewable energy trade association. Their vision is for renewable energy to play a leading role in powering the UK. Lots of great information on all forms of renewable energy is available on their website. Click here to visit the RenewableUK web site.

UK National Grid Status

A dashboard view of the National Grid status, the data is sourced from BM reports. Note that the wind generation data does not include wind turbines such as ours which are connected to local distribution networks and are classed as embedded generation. Click here to visit the Grid Watch web site.

Neta Elexon System Data

ELEXON administers the wholesale electricity balancing and settlement arrangements for Great Britain. They provide very comprehensive data on electricity prices, generation type, wind generation, system demand and system frequency. Click here to visit the Elexon web site.

UK Gas Production

Rising energy costs, increased imported gas from Qatar and a government determined to give as many tax breaks as needed to get 'fracking' (shale gas) established. The graph below of UK gas production gives a clue as to what is going on, gas production in the UK peaked in around 2000 and has been rapidly declining ever since. You can find the source data for the graph here and Wikipedia has a good piece on Peak Gas.